Mirrors from the Georgian period

1820’s Georgian Giltwood Chippendale Mirror 

Georgian Chippendale Giltwood Mirror
Georgian era antique mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, varieties, and conditions. In this post, we’ll look at some examples of what are to be considered, the most encompassing mirrors of the era.
Have £48,600 to part with? It will land you this Georgian era, 1820’s [Thomas] Chippendale-inspired Antique Mirror. That price-tag comes with its original glass, crafted from giltwood, with Rococo design elements. This mirror is over seven feet tall and four and a half feet wide, and it’s one of the first Georgian mirrors ever created!

French Sea Things Georgian Framed Mirror

Georgian Mirror
If you’re looking for a more affordable Georgian antique mirror, this one will run you £370. It’s a late 1900’s era French Sea Things Georgian Framed Mirror with old silvering techniques.

Georgian Sash Window Mirror
This Georgian Sash Window Mirror is the perfect window turned mirror for the antique lover. A big trend these days is to take an antique window pane and replace where there once was glass — with mirrors. And of course, placing it indoors. This is a classic distressed wooden border design. And can hang perfectly both as a horizontal mirror and a vertical mirror.

Georgian sash window mirror

Georgian Style Oval Swing Mirror
Common in the Georgian era, were swing mirrors. This lightly distressed Georgian style mahogany swing mirror is painted in Duck Egg Blue with decorative gilding. This swing mirror is perfect as a dressing mirror and helps spread natural light.

Georgian style swing mirror

Georgian Style Mahogany Hanging Wall Mirror with Eagle
This is a 1920’s style Georgian style mahogany wall mirror with a central gilt mounted eagle adorning the top. It also sports Chippendale influenced fretwork and a gilt motif at the base, which was reminiscent of the era.

Georgian Eagle mirror

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